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Due to the so many latest electronic gadgets going out in the market, many buyers are uncertain and confused about the differences between similar devices. The widespread fame of e-book readers specifically raise the question of which is the best and finest. For below $200, the two most promising are the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle. While there are others that are available, these two coming from big companies have monopolized the market in their price range. The latest challenge of the iPad has opened the door to hard competition but if you only want a small, lightweight and reasonable e-reader, the Nook and Kindle would hold an excellent appeal. Read more great facts on Kindle Oasis, click here. 


E-readers are more than just a fashion. The more it continuously grows, people turned to be e-readers as a form of replacement for their printed counterparts. There will be no more inks on your hands or having to bring in the paper during a bad weather.  For more useful reference regarding Kindle Voyage , have a peek here. 


Amazon Kindle came out first and has a few advantages over the Nook. Kindle provides a realistic keyboard and the navigation is much easier than the Nook. Furthermore, Kindle has a crispier text for much easier reading and has a weight of two ounces and a long lasting life than the Nook by four consecutive days. The screen of the Amazon Kindle is well matched for reading even in a bright sunshine. 


In spite of these fantastic features, Kindle also has its own limitations. For instance, if you are a hug gamer, Nook would definitely be a better choice for you. Also, Nook delivers more free selections and allows e-book sharing to others for 14 days. Nook is a good alternative to the knowingly higher priced iPad. While Nook cannot compete with all of the features of an iPad, at well its price is half of it, and does provide an incredible value for those searching beyond simple and basic e-reader functionality. 


Amazon Kindle and Noble Nook both support a huge range of e-books. While Amazon Kindle still supports more, both of them provide an excellent entertainment and a means for training and exercising your brain than just watching a television. 


Finally, it is still a matter of a personal preference. Others might go for the slender feel that Nook provides, while others would choose to go to an easier readier and superior navigation control that the Kindle provides. Both of them are very good in their own ways. Please view this site for further details.