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It is fairly reasonable if many students wish to leave their books at home because carrying them from home to school might be a burden especially with the information grown. Through the invention of e-book readers, having books around has become much easier for both professionals and school children. Two of the popular e-book readers today are the Kindle and Nook. Both of them provide a high capability of e-book reading, but what will be the things to consider in choosing the best one that fits your need? Here is a brief comparison of the two: 


The Kindle

A delighted Amazon progress, the Kindle is a famous pick among students because it is solely made for e-book reading. Over the years, Amazon has developed latest versions that would meet the changing consumers' needs.  Here's a good read about Kindle Fire , check it out! 


Advantages: Kindle has the ability to directly download from Sprint's EV-DO service. You can download a variety of rich content and the good thing here is the connection is free. In regards to the memory, it is able to store about 3,500 books and accept external 4G drives. Also, the E-Ink Pearl screen is so clear which will give you the look and feel of a real book.  To gather more awesome ideas on Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite, click here to get started. 


Disadvantages: Everything in Kindle is only in black and white which makes it look so monochromatic. It has a very small screen which might cause discomfort for those who have visual issues. If you want to read in the dark places, you should buy an additional lighting accessory which is a bit lavish nowadays ranging to almost $200. 


The Nook


The Barnes and Noble is a decent and trustworthy publishing company and was the one who invented the Nook as their own version of reading e-books. 


Advantages: If Kindle is monochromatic, the Nook has variety of color navigation system that is run by an Android OS. For those who would find the navigation quite hard, there is a keypad provided that they can use. Also, it is the very first e-book reader that offers a sharing of e-book option. Downloading is accessible through a 3G connection. 


Disadvantage: There is no available web browser on the nook, and its battery life is much shorter compared to the common e-book readers. 


However, either you choose between the Kindle or Nook, you are good to go as long as you are using it to read e-books. The final decision would still be yours. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.